Press room

We work closely with the media to create awareness of air-pollution and the work AETHAER does. We are happy to provide the resources, quotes, photos and videos you need for your articles and news stories.

“British entrepreneur Leo De Watts, 27, has made thousands of dollars selling bottles of British country air to Chinese buyers”

“Qualquer pessoa que, por exemplo, viva perto de um lago cristalino e comece a engarrafar água e vender pode ser considerada meio maluca por seus amigos”

이들은 크고 작은 일종의 잠자리채 같은 도구로 공기를 모아 그 상태를 10분간 유지한다. 해당 지역 대기의 ‘향(aroma)’을 담기 위해서라는 게 이더의 설명이다.

Who we are

We set out to protect the world, but first we had to grab its attention

AETHAER launched on the 1st of January 2016 to highlight the global Air Pollution problem and signify the rarity of naturally occurring clean fresh air. The World Health Organisation (WHO) confirms that over 90% of the global population breathes polluted air, but society better recognises something rare if it has a price on it.
Our first product, Jars of AETHAER, consist of a limited edition range of enviro-political artworks; a series of 580ml glass jars containing natural fresh air from the Great British countryside. After generating significant publicity and web-traffic through sales of this product, we stocked anti-pollution facemasks to protect people from the daily threat of air pollution. The proceeds from jar and mask sales have enabled us to develop and launch this current website and accompanying free App; both website and App monitor an individuals’ exposure to air pollution, and notifies them when they should protect themselves by wearing their facemask. AETHAER adopts a profit-for-purpose model in order to carry out its environmental awareness and protection activities. Read more about AETHAER by viewing our Press Kit