Air quality affects your health. Monitor the air you breathe, and protect yourself

AETHAER’s products protect you from air pollution, and our App will guide you when to use them


Air quality data and technology combined provide everyday protection and peace of mind

Provides air quality alerts and suggests appropriate action

AETHAER monitors the air quality around you, and sends alerts direct to the AETHAER app installed on your smart device. AETHAER suggests the appropriate action you should take to protect yourself from air pollution exposure

The world’s air quality analysed in an instant

AETHAER analyses air data from thousands of sources around the world and determines if the air in each location is safe enough to breathe. The AETHAER App on your smart device uses this information to display the air quality around you

View air quality readings in real-time

Click the tracker button below to view air quality levels across the world as they are being measured. Air quality is presented in a numerical Air Quality Index (AQI). This rating system measures data from many parameters to determine the air quality. AETHAER presents AQI in both technical and basic formats

Keep yourself protected and monitor your defences

You can link any anti-pollution facemask to the AETHAER app and monitor your usage. The system will advise you when to wear your mask, when it’s safe to take it off again, and when to either replace the mask or change its filters. You can switch between manual and automatic monitoring modes to best suit your needs

Seamless air data analysis, wherever you go

The AETHAER website and App work together to give you a full overview of the levels of air pollution you are being exposed to, as well as the usage history and remaining lifespan of any anti-pollution facemask you might use. Accurate real-time information relies on you downloading the AETHAER App on your smart device, so that smart tracking and alerts can occur while you’re on the move

Monitor your progress

The AETHAER App shows you accurate, real-time information that is unique to you. While the App alerts you when the air quality around you degrades, it also checks to see whether you avoided the threat by wearing your face mask or not. You can check to see how well you’ve been doing through the App itself

Notifies you when you need to upgrade your defences

Just like any form of protective-wear, your facemask will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Anti-pollution masks absorb pollutants and so, after some time, either the mask or the filter inside will need replacing. The App monitors your mask usage and lets you know when to upgrade

Stocking reliable and respected brands you can trust

AETHAER tests and analyses the best anti-pollution products on the market to keep you safe from air pollution. We stock a range of products that are reliable and perform as advertised. While we can track every face mask product, we only recommend certain products to our users. These can be found through our shop on this website and on the AETHAER app