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AETHAER strives to make a difference; to protect people and our environment. Learn how you can get involved


As an individual there are a number of ways you can get involved with AETHAER, whether it’s in a small way, or you’d like to do something bigger. It is important to keep spreading awareness of pollution, its effects, and solutions available. You can really help by sharing the information available on this site through conversations with friends and families and through your own social media. Don’t forget to tag #AETHAER or mention @AETHAER when mentioning us online. If you are organising a community event that aims to protect the environment, such as a beach clean-up or a reduce-reuse-recycle campaign, then do let us know and we hope we can help promote your event


Education is the most vital part of environmental protection, and the more people know, the more that can be done to prevent further damage to our environment and ourselves. We encourage educators to take an active role in shaping not just how things will be in the future, but also what can be done today. We enjoy working with Schools and Universities, and have found that discussing our Air Farming beginnings with students is a great attention grabber and inspires further discussion and exploration. We welcome collaboration with researchers who wish to find more solutions and strategies to combat pollution and protect our planet, and also with business schools who are interested in our marketing strategies and promoting a profit-for-purpose business model


Your business is key to creating a better world, and we can all do our part to make the lives of those under our care better. This includes your employees, your customers, and all those who you supply your business. We think it’s important for companies to lead by example, and help to reduce waste and pollution. Whatever the size of your business, you can help to make a change by implementing a reduce-reuse-recycle campaign, and make greener choices by selecting suppliers who are also environmentally friendly conscious. Contact us if you would like to explore ways to work with AETHAER in a business-to-business context


Many changes have been instigated by grass-roots campaigns, but things happen a lot quicker when they come from the top-down. AETHAER is committed to bringing about change and working with leaders and decision makers to put protecting people and the environment at the top of their agenda. Our approach may be unconventional, but it doesn’t go unnoticed. “I hear that tourists are even buying bottled English countryside air for up to £80 a go” Andrea Leadsom, UK Environmental Secretary, Conservative Party Conference 2016


AETHAER is committed to sharing the best strategies and products to protect people from the environment and vice versa. If you have developed a product or strategy that is in line with what we aim to achieve and would like to share it with the rest of the world through AETHAER, then please contact us


We are always happy to hear from those wishing to join AETHAER, and have positions open for those wanting to gain experience as an intern in our Hong Kong office. AETHAER does not currently have any vacancies for full-time employment, but we are always happy to hear from those wishing to be considered for future positions or from those who feel they could offer their skills or services on a free-lance or part-time basis. For those wishing to be considered for Air Farming positions, we do not hire any full time staff for this. If you think that your area would be ideal for Air Farming, then take a picture of yourself with the area in the background, upload it to Instagram, and tag #AETHAER and your location. Please view the Employment Positions Available for further information