Filter 2 pack

Anti Pollution Face Mask Filter
Set of 2 replacement mask filters


Akmon Concept

Akmon utilise a 4 stage filtration system to protect users from harmful pollutants. The filter is encased within harness, and is secured to the user via a neck strap. The filter itself features an inbuilt nose clip to aid in securing the filter in the correct position.

The Akmon air pollution face mask comes in nine colour variations and three different sizes. Carefully developed over two years, each facemask provides the best ergonomic fit and seal, while the filter acts as a barrier against 95% of harmful air pollutants. The Akmon starter kit includes: the Akmon mask shell with the filter and valves already installed, a travel pouch, an instruction manual and a set of 2 additional filters.

The technology is packaged in a sleek French design, ensuring your comfort and style is maintained when wearing your Akmon Concept mask.


How To & Size Guide

For further information on finding the right size, putting your mask on, and replacing the filter, please see:

Measurements should be taken from the inner edge of your ear to the tip of your nose and from the top of your nose to just the underside of your chin. We highly recommend you print out our PDF (click here) which will allow you to construct each size of the mask and see which one fits you best (you will need to tape the mask together as indicated).

When conducting your measurements, please ensure you use flexible measuring tape that can be moulded around the contours of your face. This will ensure your measurements will accurately reflect the size you require for your Akmon mask.


Colours & Patterns

There are 9 different mask colour options available. The mask colour options come in a variety of base colours and upper trim/piping colours. The exhalation valves come in 2 different colours.

When purchasing a starter kit, the default valve colour for that mask shall be included. You can buy additional valves separately.



·       Fabrics

The outer layer of the facemask is a composition of rayon, nylon and spandex, picked for their strong yet soft qualities, as well as their ability to stretch comfortably around your face to form the best seal. The inner layer of the facemask has been engineered with ‘CoolMax’ technology. This performance fabric is commonly used in the sports industry for its breathability, ‘moisture wicking’ and accelerated drying qualities.

·       Filters

The filter is comprised of four layers. The heart of the filter is packaged between two protective layers, the Akmon outer layer and the double punch cotton inner layer. Both of these fabrics promote comfort and breathability. The two central layers of the filter consist of a carbon+ filter and an electrostatic layer. These layers are fused together to act as a barrier against germs, gases, pollen, dust, odours and the smallest harmful airborne viruses (PM2.5). All four layers have been laboratory tested to ensure that 95% of air pollutants are filtered upon inhalation.

·       Valves

Designed by German engineers, the valve has been crafted with an intricate level of detail. It allows for comfortable airflow and efficient air filtration. Upon inhalation, the internal membrane forces shut, pushing the air through the filter to ensure the pollutants are caught before entering your respiratory system. Upon exhalation, the membrane reopens to act as an exhaust. The small spikes inside the valve ensure the valve bites onto the surrounding fabric, providing maximum seal and protection from outside air. All this, and they can be easily be clipped on/off and come in two colour variations so you can mix and match your style!


How to use the mask

When putting the Akmon mask on your face, first ensure that it sits comfortably on the bridge of your nose, and then place the adjustable straps around your face, underneath your ears, and fasten them at the back of your neck. Try not to tighten the mask too much, as this will restrict your side-to-side head movements. Pinch the nosepiece to your own comfort and ensure that your mask is sealed properly. You are now ready to go!


Washing & Care Instructions

To wash the mask, first remove the valves and filters. The mask can then be washed at 30 degrees (cool wash). The filter cannot be washed. The valves can be rinsed under cool water and left to dry before re-installing into the mask along with the filter.